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SysUsage is a system monitoring and alarm reporting tool. It can generate historical graph views of CPU, memory, IO, network and disk usage, and much more.

Operating Systems

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  •  05 Apr 2012 12:51

    Release Notes: This release adds better rendering of the graphs legend and support for storage of decimal numbers for better precision. Some bugs have been fixed.

    •  11 Mar 2012 18:45

      Release Notes: This release adds current/max/average values to the jqplot graphs legend.

      •  04 Mar 2012 19:59

        Release Notes: This is a bugfix release with an additional 'cpuall' configuration directive to limit the statistics report on global CPU usage instead of a report for each CPU.

        •  25 Nov 2011 14:02

          Release Notes: This is a new major version which allows SysUsage to be run in a central place to collect and graph statistics from multiple remote servers. Users also gain the ability to delay alarms after a number of attempts.

          •  14 Feb 2011 01:10

            Release Notes: This major release adds support for the Javascript client JQPlot Plotting library. It also include tabs and zoom views.


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