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Release Notes: A new metric has been added to sar network devices statistics, giving the utilization percentage of the network interface cards. Several bugs have been fixed all around.

  •  30 Mar 2013 18:17

Release Notes: mpstat now takes into account every interrupt per processor so that their number adds up to the number displayed for CPU "all". The systemd unit file could no longer be installed because a macro wasn't expanded in the configure script. This is now fixed.

Release Notes: The options -g and -T have been added to iostat; these options enable the user to display statistics for groups of devices. sadc now overwrites its standard daily data file when this file is from a past month. The time format has been changed from HH-MM-SS to HH:MM:SS in the various reports displayed by sadf. A maxOccurs indicator for the timestamp element has been added in the XSD document. The option --enable-collect-all has been added to the configure script to tell sadc to collect all possible activities, including optional ones. A new translation file has been added for Croatian.

Release Notes: Virtual devices are no longer taken into account in sar -b results. iostat can now display target device information when a symbolic link is specified as a parameter. The option --disable-stripping has been added to the configure script. A Serbian translation has been added.

Release Notes: A new output format has been added to sadf: JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). Several bugs have been fixed in sadf XML output, DTD, and XSD documents. A random crash with iostat -N has been fixed.

Release Notes: sadf has been modified to make it easier to add new report formats. The option "-P ON" has been added to mpstat, which tells mpstat to display stats only for online CPUs. pidstat displayed null statistics for processes that had terminated; this is now fixed.

Release Notes: A new option has been added to sar: it can now take a snapshot of all the USB devices currently plugged into the system. The option -h has been added to iostat to make the device utilization report easier to read with long device names. A bug has been fixed with cifsiostat that didn't count open files from the "Posix Open" column in the /proc/fs/cifs/Stats file. NLS has been updated: an Esperanto translation has been added.

  •  18 Nov 2007 06:08

Release Notes: mpstat and sar didn't parse /proc/interrupts correctly when some CPUs had been disabled. This is now fixed. This release also fixes a bug in pidstat which caused confusion between PID and TID, resulting in erroneous statistics values being displayed. The iconfig script has been updated: Help for the --enable-compress-manpg parameter is now available, help for the --enable-install-cron parameter has been updated, and the parameter cron_interval has been added.

  •  16 Sep 2006 14:17

Release Notes: The sysconf() function is now used to get the size of a memory page. The time specified with sadf options -s and -e is now always considered as given in local time (sadf output is now really consistent with that of sar). A bug was fixed in the SREALLOC() macro which was causing sar to exit unexpectedly with this message: "realloc: Success". The guessing of when a stats title line has to be displayed by sar was improved.

  •  28 Nov 2005 06:18

Release Notes: A new field was added to mpstat and iostat: %steal. Sar was updated to take into account CPU steal time. An off-by-one error in ioc_conv which was corrupting device names on 64-bit architectures was fixed.


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