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  •  26 Oct 2007 11:03

Release Notes: The option -w was added to pidstat (pidstat can now display task switching activity). A memory leak that was triggered when reading stats for threads has been fixed in pidstat. A bug where device names were incorrectly displayed by sar -d has been fixed.

  •  30 Sep 2007 07:35

Release Notes: The option -t has been added to pistat: pidstat can now display stats for every thread (TID) of a process. pidstat's option -T CHILD now reports global statistics for selected tasks and all their children (and not only for the children). A rare parallel make issue creating archive libsyscom.a was fixed [GENTOO bug #193208].

  •  02 Sep 2007 06:16

Release Notes: The pidstat command is now able to report CPU and page fault statistics for the child processes of a task. A security flaw in the sysstat startup script was fixed. The super*, dquot*, and rtsig* fields were removed from sar -v (since they were made obsolete in Linux kernels 2.6). The pty-nr field (number of pseudo-terminals) was added to sar -v. The tcp-tw field (number of sockets in TIME_WAIT state) was added to sar -n SOCK.

  •  08 Jul 2007 08:22

Release Notes: New virtual memory paging metrics have been added to sar (option -B). Options -x and -X have been removed from sar (use the pidstat(1) command instead.) NR_CPUS has been increased to 16384 so that sysstat can be used on very large systems. A bug in sadc.c where it was using a hardcoded 256 char buffer to store lines read from /proc/interrupts has been fixed. sar has been updated to avoid overflow when computing some average values.

  •  09 Jun 2007 18:29

Release Notes: The -d option was added to pidstat: this option reports I/O statistics for individual tasks. The -C option was added to sadc: this option enables the user to insert a timestamped comment in the binary data file. The -C option was added to sar: This option tells sar to display comments inserted in the binary data file by sadc. A bug that could happen while reading /proc/interrupts where IRQ numbers can now be 4 digits long in recent kernels was fixed. A possible buffer overflow in ioconf.c was fixed.

  •  29 Apr 2007 13:17

Release Notes: The addition of a new command "pidstat" aimed at displaying per-process statistics. The option -N has been added to iostat, which enables the user to query any device-mapper devices for their registered device name (useful for viewing LVM2 statistics). A small memory leak in the readp_uptime() function has been fixed. iostat -t now also takes into account the value of the environment variable S_TIME_FORMAT.

  •  28 Mar 2007 01:10

Release Notes: A bug that happened when sar tried to read a datafile created while a least one processor in a hotplug CPU system was disabled was fixed. Support for keeping sar logfiles for more than one month was improved. The new variable "conf_dir" now enables the user to specify a sysstat configuration directory (this variable is used by "configure"). The "--enable-compress-manpg" option was added to "configure" to enable the user to compress manual pages during installation. isag (Interactive System Activity Grapher) was improved.

  •  04 Mar 2007 08:44

Release Notes: Hotplug CPU support was improved. Now sysstat no longer assumes that CPU#0 can never be disabled. Various structures were realigned to save memory (and disk space). sar -n now displays network traffic in kilobytes instead of bytes. sysstat now compiles cleanly with gcc 4.0.2. NLS was updated, and a Danish translation was added.

  •  21 Feb 2007 10:59

Release Notes: Autoconf support has been added. iconfig (Interactive Configuration script) has been added. iconfig is a front-end to ./configure.

  •  04 Feb 2007 03:35

Release Notes: linux/major.h was removed from the list of files included in ioconf.c. It was actually not used and also prevented sysstat from being compiled on GNU/kFreeBSD. The sysstat scripts (sa1, sa2, and sysstat) were modified to enable the user to keep sar data for more than one month. The (COMPRESSAFTER) parameter was added to /etc/sysconfig/sysstat. It gives the number of days after which sar data files must be compressed to save disk space.


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