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30 Sep 2008 01:09 highlandsun

Yay for isolinux hybrid mode!
Last month as I was running isotostick to copy an Ubuntu 8.04 image to my USB stick, I was thinking to myself "why do we have to mount the ISO image and do file-based copies? Why can't the hard drive bootsector read a CDROM image directly?" And lo and behold, now it can. Thanks for that!

02 Nov 2005 06:30 bit128_linux

Feature request, if possible
I've managed to get isolinux/memdisk working. I made up my own boot cd with different images.. My question is: can you make memdisk boot ISO images? I know this sounds kind of rendunant, but I need to boot linux, msdos(ancient :), but still needed) & maybe geexbox(, which is provided as ISO image, and I wouldn't want to break it down... Can you help me?

19 May 2005 18:51 contusion

A very good program for multi booting
A very good program for multi booting. I use it boot linux, windows. I also made cdrom with multiple boot images. It works just fine.


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