Version 0.63.01 of Synfig Studio

Release Notes: This release includes a dash option for advanced outlines, new icons and rearrangement of the canvas window, a homogeneous link to the bline option (length based), undo for guides, and bugfixes. The grid is zoom-based.

Other releases

Release Notes: A new Cairo rendering engine., a simple plug-in engine, a terminology rework, a new keyframe enable/disable feature, a revamped command line interface, and bugfixes.

  •  18 Apr 2012 23:36

Release Notes: This release adds several patches to ETL, rolls back to fix bug 3405011, fixes ValueNode_BLineCalcTangent (which was broken for Angle types), fixes building on Ubuntu 12.04, fixes compiling issues with the clang compiler, fixes additional compiler warnings, fixes bugs 3486075, 3486412, 3512887, 3475624, and 3486723, adds a new Outline Grow parameter to the Paste Canvas layer, adds the new CLI parameter "--sequence-separator", reworks the Preview window, supports loading Gimp palettes, and improves contrast of the color sliders for the Color Edit and Gradient Edit widgets.

  •  09 Feb 2012 15:31

Release Notes: This release introduces a new interpolation method for animation, a fully-functional groups panel, a redesigned preview window, improvements for BLine editing routines, and some bugfixes.

  •  12 Dec 2011 01:49

Release Notes: This release adds Advanced Outline support to the Draw Tool, optimizes Advanced Outline rendering, preserves interpolation of waypoints, allows deletion of multiple BLine vertices or widthpoints, makes Metadata editable, and provides other fixes.

  •  30 Sep 2011 16:49

Release Notes: This release adds a new option for the Advanced Outline layer (Fast), which allows users to disable the slow interpolation algorithm and use the old (but inaccurate) one.


Project Spotlight


A simple lock manager.


Project Spotlight


A graph visualizing tool.