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SyncMate allows syncing a Mac system with Windows Mobile, Android, BlackBerry, and Nokia S40 devices, iPhones, iPads, iPods (Touch and Nano), other Macs or PCs, Google and Dropbox accounts, iCloud, Yahoo! accounts and other CardDAV/CalDAV-enabled services, any mounted storage devices, Sony PSP, and MTP devices. It is offered in Free and Expert editions. Free SyncMate lets you sync Address Book and iCal between Macs and supported devices. Sync with Google and Dropbox accounts is also available. The Free edition allows reading messages from Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, or Nokia right on a Mac, sharing Internet connections between Mac and Windows Mobile devices, and analyzing detailed information regarding connected WM devices. Expert Edition will sync iTunes, iPhoto, Safari and Firefox Bookmarks, Entourage and Mail Notes, ToDos, Mail, Time, Stickies, and separate folders (sync options depend on the device you are syncing). SyncMate Expert offers an AutoSync option which lets you set various parameters of automatic sync for any supported device. You can sync folders between Macs and mounted storage devices, other Macs, Sony PSP, or Windows PCs in realtime. With Expert Edition you can create, send, delete, search, and export text messages from Android, Win Mobile, or Nokia on your Mac. You can install any .cab files on your Win Mobile phone right from your Mac. SyncMate Expert allows converting videos to AVI, MPG, MP4, WMV, ASF, and 3GP, and audio files to MP3 and WAV prior to syncing them to a device. Sync can be performed via USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet (depending on the synced device).

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  •  31 Oct 2013 20:23

Release Notes: This release fixes several exception errors which occurred when OS X Mavericks (10.9) was installed on a Mac, including an error when trying to delete a connection from the Devices list, an error when trying to check call history on Android device, Nokia Series 40 phone, Windows Mobile device, or iPhone, an issue with text message display in the SMS manager, an error when trying to choose a contact from the address book in the SMS manager plugin, and an exception error when trying to establish connection between two Macs.

  •  27 Aug 2013 13:40

Release Notes: A hang that occurred when the program had been inactive for a long time with Android device connected to it was fixed. An exception when the "Real-time" checkbox was ticked and then unticked in the Folders plugin for any pair of folders was fixed. A minor error indication issue was fixed in the Pictures, Videos & Music plugin.

  •  04 Aug 2012 01:27

Release Notes: This release can sync data on Macs with iCloud, Yahoo!, or any other cloud storage which works via the CardDAV or CalDAV protocols. BlackBerry devices are now supported, and can sync contacts, calendars, media files, notes, tasks, Stickies, and more. You can now sync images, videos, and music on your Mac with Google Drive, and it is possible to mount Google Drive as a Mac disk.

  •  05 Jan 2012 22:22

Release Notes: This release adds synchronization for backup purposes from a Mac to a data storage device like a Flash drive. You can sync: contacts of Address Book/MS Entourage/MS Outlook 2011, events of iCal/MS Entourage/MS Outlook 2011, Mail notes, To Dos, Entourage notes, and Safari bookmarks. Synchronization with the Kindle Fire tablet via a USB cable and Wi-Fi has been added: contacts of Address Book/MS Entourage/MS Outlook 2011, Safari bookmarks, folders with images and iPhoto albums, videos/music or iTunes playlists on your Mac disk, or folders of any kind on your Mac.

  •  17 Nov 2011 21:56

    Release Notes: This release adds synchronization with Android 4.x devices. It fixes a connection issue for iOS 5.x devices. Self-ejection of mounted devices during the sync process has been fixed (an issue occurred when syncing Android and Windows Mobile devices and iPhones). An application freeze when an incoming request from another Mac was rejected has been fixed. A sync loop when the mask of Folder* type was used during folder synchronization has been fixed. Imрroved autosync with Android via Wi-Fi. Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7.2, including mounting devices for data synchronization.

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    30 Jul 2010 14:29 iHarry Thumbs down

    I purchased this software nearly a month ago. It does not work. The tech support is the worst I have ever experienced. There is NO phone support. Emil only and they take days to respond to a message. They tell me to try something which does not work then wait several days to respond. They have been unable to diagnose the problem so now they are blaming me. These people are crooks and will steal your money. There customer support is nonexistant!

    06 May 2009 15:25 big_brad Thumbs up

    Great software! Seems like this is the best way to get mac and mobile phone synchronized. Waiting for new versions and features!


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