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  •  07 Oct 2011 22:36

    Release Notes: This release adds a Danish translation and fixes support for mouse devices connected through PS/2-to-USB adapters. Some minor issues and crashes were fixed, including a crash after resuming from suspend.

    •  27 Jun 2011 21:11

      Release Notes: This release improves the range of cursor speed settings.

      •  09 Jun 2011 21:38

        Release Notes: This release fixes punctuation in an error message.

        •  23 Apr 2011 18:08

          Release Notes: This release fixes the installation of the autostart entries, so that settings are correctly restored at session start again now.

          •  19 Apr 2011 21:06

            Release Notes: This release adds support for the XRecord extension for power management friendly keyboard monitoring. It fixes mouse device handling across suspend and resume (if UPower is installed) and touchpad lookup on 64-bit systems.

            •  08 Mar 2011 12:55

              Release Notes: This release fixes two minor bugs in synaptikscfg: a segfault if no X11 display was available, and a traceback if no touchpad was found. Unless serious issues are discovered, this will be the last release of the 0.5 branch. Development focuses on synaptiks 0.6 now.

              •  08 Feb 2011 22:06

                Release Notes: This minor version fixes the "corner coasting" setting and support for 64-bit systems.

                •  01 Feb 2011 11:40

                  Release Notes: This release fixes an installation error caused by handbook files missing in the source tarball.

                  •  31 Jan 2011 22:24

                    Release Notes: This release features a complete rewrite of synaptiks in Python. The KDE daemon module is removed, its functionality split into a system settings module for touchpad configuration and a separate tray application for touchpad management. Support for two-finger emulation has been added, and mouse monitoring was ported from HAL to UDev.

                    •  21 Apr 2010 11:48

                      Release Notes: New configuration settings were added for scrolling, tapping, and cursor motion. All settings now use the default values provided by the touchpad driver. The user interface now uses sliders in combination with spin boxes wherever possible.


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