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XOrg/XFree86 Synaptics TouchPad Driver

The XOrg/XFree86 Synaptics TouchPad Driver is a driver for Synaptics touchpads, which are found on many notebook computers. It features tap gesture decoding (including tap-and-drag operations and multi finger tapping), emulation of a middle mouse button, emulation of vertical and horizontal scroll wheels, palm detection, and run-time configuration.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Jul 2006 04:50

    Release Notes: Support for xorg 7.1 has been added. A couple of minor build fixes for xorg 7.0 have been made.

    •  04 Jun 2006 04:49

      Release Notes: Makefile support for Xorg 7.0 has been added. Two-finger scrolling and pressure dependent motion speed have been implemented. A new parameter has been added to give greater control over tap behavior.

      •  06 Nov 2005 21:58

        Release Notes: A bug affecting mouse clicks on 64-bit machines has been fixed. A compilation error for xorg has been fixed. Scrolling didn't work correctly if started from the lower right corner of the touchpad. The code to detect device node name changes has been improved to handle more cases that can arise when using software suspend. This release also includes some minor new features and documentation updates.

        •  22 Jul 2005 05:56

          Release Notes: New parameters to control scroll button auto-repeat behavior have been added. A switch to make syndaemon ignore modifier keys has been added. This release also contains some minor bugfixes and documentation updates.

          •  16 May 2005 23:15

            Release Notes: This version fixes a bug seen with some newer Synaptics touchpads where a single finger tap was incorrectly interpreted as a two finger tap.

            Recent comments

            31 May 2009 10:40 incinerate

            can we make tapping be disabled by default? Nobody I know can stand it being on by default, and it's so hard to disable, It results in so much trouble, and heart-ache to have stuff move about randomly on screen.

            12 Aug 2007 13:05 mgrochowalski

            Any way to disable dragging?
            But still have tap to click enabled? It's something I'm used to in Windows that bugs me when using this driver. Anything I'm missing somewhere that allows me to do this?


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