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Symphero provides a complete set of tools for deploying an e-commerce system and integrating it with your existing business process and inventory control systems. The key modules include XML, content and database management, statistics, search, and legacy integration.


Recent releases

  •  09 Feb 2001 22:42

    Release Notes: User editing (users can edit their own information and change their password, and merchants can do the same on behalf of the customers), an enhanced order interface, merchants can sort their orders by various criteria, an order database export (the current orders database can be exported to a tab-delimited file that is displayed in the browser).

    •  09 Nov 2000 01:30

      Release Notes: The 1.0.0 version of the Symphero Object Server has been released. Designed and developed in OOPERL using Apache and a choice of Open Source databases, it provides an API for programmers who wish to be able to store persistent objects and retrieve them without having to code to the database each time. It also includes classes for XML import and export.

      •  04 Jul 2000 16:15

        Release Notes: First, significant internal changes were made to ReceiveOrder.cgi. The "Sending Your Order, Please Stand By..." redirect at the end of the checkout process was eliminated, thus removing the possibility that a user will accidentally hit the "back" button and send multiple emails to the website for a single order. Second, the performance of the product was improved for very large orders, by rewriting (with minor API changes resulting) to use the new object. allows state information to be stored and retrieved in a generic way using another table in a relational database. Thus, each site can have its own cookie_database, eliminating the need for the standalone state server,

        •  16 Jun 2000 03:12

          Release Notes: A faster and friendlier installation, new objects in the installation tree (Publisher and Subscriber) to implement the "Pointer" object in a more network- (and memory-) friendly way, new classes (,, and, CGI scripts are expected to call the "store" method on any object they wish placed in permanent storage, and a new front page for "symphero/install" that tests server-side includes for a new installee.

          •  13 Jun 2000 04:08

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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