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  •  06 Jun 2012 21:45

Release Notes: This release adds conflict detection and resolution for multi-master synchronization, and includes new features and improvements. Push/pull synchronization uses multiple threads for performance and control. Multi-server mode for running multiple nodes in the same instance is fully enabled by default. New utilities are included for administration and data import/export. Initial load automatically orders tables by constraints.

  •  07 Nov 2011 13:29

Release Notes: This release adds a multi-server option and support for the Greenplum database. Multiple engines with different configurations can now run within the same server, conserving memory and consolidating management. The Greenplum database, popular for its data warehousing and analytics, is now supported as a target for replication.

  •  30 Sep 2010 11:22

Release Notes: Support for Informix 11 and HSQLDB 2 databases was added. Improvements were made to job scheduling, initial data load, the purge process, batch statuses, and data routing performance. An upgrade was made to Jetty 7 (for standalone mode) and Spring 3.0.4. There were also many other improvements, new features, and bugfixes.


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Fast Light File Manager

A small graphical X11 file manager.


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A full featured file system for Amazon S3 and other online storage services.