Version 0.41 of Syck

Release Notes: This version improves adherance to the syntax of the YAML specification (~95%), includes YAML bytecode support and solid circular references, and is now included with Ruby 1.8.

Other releases

  •  23 Nov 2009 18:24

    Release Notes: 64-bit compatibility and major cleanup.

    •  29 Mar 2005 01:02

    Release Notes: In this release, the final changes to libsyck API have now been made. The Ruby extension now passes all of its original tests for loading and dumping. The new YAML::Tag mechanism is functional.

    •  08 Feb 2005 00:33

    Release Notes: A rewritten YAML generator that increases output speed by a factor of four, simplified custom types in the Ruby extension, unit tests for the core library, and fixes for many memory leaks.

    •  12 Sep 2004 23:58

    Release Notes: Better handling of DOS line endings, fixes for buffer overflows in the emitter, and sexagecimal ints.

    •  25 Nov 2003 16:49

    Release Notes: This version fixes a buffering problem when certain types of scalar nodes exceed the default buffer size, and includes small fixes to bytecode parsing.


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