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Version 3.2.4 of sXid

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes and a new IGNORE_DIRS option.

    Other releases

    •  08 Aug 2013 13:39

      Release Notes: sXid now uses a SHA-256 hash function to track files. autoconf settings was updated to version 2.69. automake 1.13.3 is used to generate Makefiles. A --version option was added. /media and /sys directories were added to the EXCLUDE option. Man pages were converted to an mdoc macro. The README was converted to Markdown format. There were minor code improvements and miscellaneous bugfixes.

      •  15 Sep 2009 09:05

        Release Notes: A bug where many false positive MD5 sum changes were reported was fixed along with resource leaks found by cppcheck.

        •  11 Aug 2003 10:12

        Release Notes: Minor cleanups. No functional changes.

        •  25 May 2003 08:38

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          •  30 Jan 2001 06:14

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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            A server-side multiplexer for SSL, SSH, OpenVPN, tinc, and XMPP.


            Project Spotlight

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            A chat room module for Moodle.