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Release Notes: In this release, the image viewing and manipulation code has been revamped. Many image editing and transformation functions have been added. In other areas, support for sqlite3 has been added, as well as rudimentary support for Dbus. The build chain has had quite a few improvements and bugs fixed. There have also been some minor updates and fixes for ENT (Enhanced Number Types), FFI (Foreign Function Interface), and TTY.

  •  06 Jun 2008 14:32

Release Notes: This release brings the Boehm-Demers-Weiser garbage collector (BDWGC) to SXEmacs. (Still experimental at this stage with some known problems, but quite usable nonetheless.) Support for 256 color terminals has been added. All sequence mapping and conversion functions can now be done with a single function called "mapfam". New lisp bindings for libmagic have been added via SXEmacs FFI. Some UI enhancements have been made to the ffi-curl, ffi-taglib, and etags elisp libraries. Emodule search paths and loading have been improved. Support for init-file migration has been removed. 27 bugs have been fixed.

  •  26 Aug 2007 01:36

Release Notes: This release has many improvements to the build chain. Also, emodule loading on 64-bit machines was fixed. Various updates were made to dllists and skiplists. Number types were enhanced. Considerable reworking of the multimedia infrastructure (especially for PulseAudio) was done. There is a new asynchonous version of the curl:download function. Several bugs were fixed.

  •  12 Dec 2006 07:38

Release Notes: The build chain has been restructured to take full advantage of the GNU autotools. The install directory hierarchy is now much more FHS compliant. New in this release are a basic implementation of Pugh's skip lists, FFI bindings to libgcrypt, support for PulseAudio, caching compiled regexps, and support for emodules on MacOS. There were many updates to ENT, FFI, multimedia, and the OpenSSL support. Several bugs were fixed in DSO loading, etags tools, raw string parsing, a stack overflow in mapconcat. Many build related issues were fixed. Drag 'n' drop support has been removed.

  •  07 May 2006 01:31

Release Notes: This is a maintenance/bugfix release to take care of the build-related issues that came from the previous release.

  •  01 May 2006 21:48

Release Notes: The biggest change this release is the addition of network server sockets, making it possible to listen for incoming TCP/UDP connections. Support for various audio drivers such as OSS, NAS, ESD, Polypaudio, ALSA, aRts, and Jack was added. OpenSSL routines that operate directly on files were added. Embedable keyboard macros were added. Double linked lists and bloom filters were implemented. Image display via libWand is now possible. A very fast recursive implementation of 'directory-files' was added. Athena is now the default toolkit. All 'enable' configure options are now 'with' options.

  •  22 Dec 2005 16:33

Release Notes: Most notably, this release does not need any packages pre-installed before the package tools are usable. Many enhanced number types have been added, such as bignums, bigfloats, mpfr-floats, fractions, gausian-numbers, complex-numbers, residue classes, and class rings. Python-like raw strings have been added. A bug in FFI-curl, preventing FTP transfers, has been fixed.

  •  18 May 2005 03:55

Release Notes: The release has moved to autoconf version 2.59 configuration scripts. It adds "FFI" (Foreign Function Interface), and preliminary OpenSSL support. A bug that prevented copying/ pasting more than 260Kb to another app has been fixed, and the Lisp Reference Manual has been updated.

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