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Small Window Manager

sWM (the Small Window Manager) provides a very fast user interface and features that are not found in other small-footprint window managers. It was written for small computers with very little memory and small screen sizes, is GNOME compliant, and supports pixmap based themes.


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Release Notes: This release now resets the maximize flags when a child window resizes itself, and fixes some potential crashes.

  •  25 Jun 2004 04:46

Release Notes: In this release, the permissions of sWM and startsWM were fixed, and a crash in HEAVYSYNC mode was fixed.

  •  26 Mar 2004 06:31

Release Notes: A compile-time error has been fixed in MINIMAL mode.

Release Notes: The stability of the debugging system has been improved. A bug related to not updating the sWMPanel clock has been fixed.

Release Notes: The installation wizard and the first-use wizard were updated, some code cleanup was done, and the debugging system was improved (serious errors will quit sWM in DEBUGPARANOID mode).

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05 Apr 2001 08:43 rsperling

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23 Nov 2000 05:13 rsperling

New packages added
RPM binary for i386
RPM source
TGZ binary package for Compaq iPaq (and other arm-PDAs)


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