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SwingSet is an Java toolkit that contains data-aware replacements for many of the standard Java Swing components. It currently includes replacements for JTextField, JTextArea, JComboBox, JCheckBox, JSlider, and JLabel. There is also an image component, a graphical record navigator, and a data grid component. All of the primary components are available as JavaBeans.

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  •  13 Aug 2012 21:56

Release Notes: This is the first release in over 6 years and contains many bugfixes and feature enhancements. The SSDBComboBox now allows for filtering of items, making it easier to find the right item. SSDataGridHandler has been added to handle different events on the data grid. This is similar to SSDBNav, which handles the events for SSDataNavigator. The example code and project demo have been updated to use the H2 database (in memory).

Release Notes: A check in SSDataNavigator for the confirmDeletes flag during row deletion has been fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds extra functions to the SSDBNav interface to give more control to the programmer to create and manage different events on the DataNavigator. Several new classes have been added to the formatting package, and work continues to finalize and document this package and its sub-packages.

Release Notes: This release fixes a Java 1.5 issue with the SSDataNavigator, provides support for the TIMESTAMP SQL data type, and supports JScrollPanes in SSDBNavImp so that component values are cleared properly for new records. This version drastically improves the behavior and functionality of keystroke-based navigation in the SSDataGrid.

Release Notes: The API and JavaDoc have undergone a major rewrite for consistency. The image, label, slider, and formatting components are new in this release. A utility class called SSSyncManager was added to simplify creation of screens with both combo box-based and navigator-based navigation. An example of this is provided in


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Project Spotlight


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