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Simple Whois Daemon

Swhoisd is a simple whois daemon that provides a whois directory service. It is much simpler to set up and administer than the other whois daemons available, such as RIPE whois or the original SRC whois. This is because it uses a flat-text file instead of a complex database. This whois server is recommended only for small databases (under 1000 records or so). This daemon conforms to RFC 834 and uses TCP port 43 (service "whois"). It has an ident client, Apache-like CLF logging, internationalization, and it runs in standalone or inet daemon mode.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Oct 2001 07:51

    Release Notes: bugfix to init.d startup script, #include for compilation on older systems, SIGHUP for reopening logfiles, and network records (nr) added. A compiler warning was removed.

    •  04 Jul 2001 16:25

      Release Notes: Lots of features have been added, including standalone mode, an ident client, syslog logging, access logging, a Spanish message text file, and autoconfig.


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