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svnpserver is a CVS pserver implementation that works against an SVN (Subversion) repository. It can be useful for old build scripts or legacy application when migrating from CVS to SVN.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 May 2008 15:32

    Release Notes: More bugs were fixed. A (non-standard) version command wsa also implemented to find out the svnpserver version remotely: simply telnet to the svnpserver port and type the command "version" (without quotes). A bug that prevented checkout of tags and branches was fixed.

    •  21 May 2008 14:08

      Release Notes: More bugfixes were made for interacting with other cvs clients: HEAD-Tag is now recognized, and syslog logging works as advertised.

      •  14 May 2008 14:34

        Release Notes: Several bugs were fixed for interacting with other CVS clients.

        •  20 Apr 2008 07:26

          Release Notes: Several bugfixes for tagging and committing.

          •  03 Apr 2008 11:41

            Release Notes: The "cvs tag" command was implemented. A bug in static directory handling was fixed: A static directory in CVS doesn't change the set of files. Merging of changed files when doing a cvs update was implemented.


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