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svn2cvsgraph is a utility that allows CvsGraph to be used to generate revision graphs for Subversion repositories.

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  •  28 Dec 2013 22:17

Release Notes: This release makes one call to svn for each branch to extract merge information in a way compatible with svn version 1.6.17 and newer.

  •  04 Mar 2012 01:24

Release Notes: This release adds no longer allows CVS HEAD to be placed on a tag on the main trunk. This is a bugfix to avoid hidden versions above the head on the main trunk.

  •  19 Feb 2012 03:14

Release Notes: This release detects branches created with "svn copy --parents"

  •  12 Dec 2010 07:34

Release Notes: Tag names only containing numbers are renamed, since cvsgraph does not allow such tag names.

  •  28 Mar 2010 16:40

Release Notes: First public release.


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