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Battle for Survival

Battle for Survival is a toy/game written in Java. The idea is to simulate a world with organisms inside. It is a game of life with advanced rules. The project is meant to have different organisms compete when trying to survive. Programmers can compete with other life forms.

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  •  16 Sep 2005 12:02

Release Notes: This release enhances the view of what happens in the simulation by using colored maps. The option to make a new world and add your own organisms has been added.

  •  11 Sep 2005 17:11

Release Notes: A section has been added to the document explaining a first run for new users. A help section has been added. The problem with memory has finally been fixed, and the program should now run very long using about 30 MB of memory. The down side of this is that the current version can't show the long history per individual anymore. Hopefully in the future, an option can be added to log to a database (or the filesystem in some other way). A structure error in one of the rules has been fixed. Small bugs have been fixed.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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