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Release Notes: The user interface is faster and more responsive in many places. There is a new dialog for adding work areas.

Release Notes: Common operations like ignoring files and acknowledging changes don't trigger a work area rescan anymore. Keyword replacement can be disabled to improve interoperation with other version control systems. Miscellaneous UI improvements and bugfixes.

Release Notes: Work area scans can now be cancelled and are performed without blocking the application. An external diff tool can be integrated. The size limit for files and change sets has been extended. Work areas can be moved. Meta changes are synchronized between the client and server. Miscellaneous UI details have been improved.

Release Notes: User interface changes were made. Local and remote project management and server administration have been unified into a single dialog. The look and feel and fonts are now user-selectable. Diff views now show line numbers. The data caching strategy was improved, and commits now work reliably in offline mode. Startup files for OS/2 were added.

Release Notes: Synchronization is now much faster and truly atomic even over unreliable connections. File type patterns can be imported and exported as a text file. The history of marker movements can be inspected. Commits typically require fewer mouse clicks. A number of small bugs have been fixed; most notably, large files in the work area no longer cause an out of memory exception. The application's total download size has decreased.

Release Notes: Conflicts arising from concurrent commits are now solved semi-automatically. A task list of outstanding merges is maintained. The history graph was rewritten from scratch for cleaner looks and improved speed. It can now be filtered to show only recent changes. Merges now appear in the graph as dotted lines. When creating a project, a HEAD marker is created. A problem with marker synchronisation and a number of minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This release is the first that is a suitable replacement for CVS. There are now four different user privilege levels, ranging from Visitor to Administrator. Markers are now synchronized between server and client. Closing the Server GUI window no longer stops the server. A redirect function makes it possible to relocate a server without having to inform the clients. Numerous UI quirks were corrected.

Release Notes: This version adds multi-user access and client/server operation. It lacks some of the planned features, but is stable enough to be used for productive work.

  •  23 Sep 2004 19:17

Release Notes: The file type detection (binary/text) can now be overridden manually for individual files or sets of files.

Release Notes: This release adds a significant speedup for large repositories, a marker system for labeling project states, the ability to delete projects, and a safety check against accidentally overwriting projects.


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