Version 0.6.2 of SuperTuxKart

Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release. Rare crashes were fixed. Restarting a GP (with the in-race menu ESC) now properly subtracts already allocated points. A race can no longer be finished with an invalid shortcut. Playing a challenge after a splitscreen game no longer plays the challenge in split screen. Items no longer explode over void. Grass in the castle arena no longer slows down the kart. GP result now properly shows kart name instead of identifier.

Other releases

  •  27 Nov 2013 22:28

    Release Notes: This version adds a tutorial, two new game modes (Soccer and Easter Egg Hunt), and support for wiimotes. It includes new and updated weapons, karts and tracks, an increased difficulty mode, and various improved graphical effects.

    •  12 Dec 2012 04:50

    Release Notes: This release features a story mode with challenges and a significantly improved AI. The karts can now use skidding to get a speed boost and will handle collisions better. Tracks can now be driven in reverse, and new music and tracks have been added.

    •  15 Jul 2011 09:12

    Release Notes: This version features a built-in addon manager that can be used to download more karts and tracks. Some major memory leaks were fixed. Some improved tracks and a new kart are included. Various minor glitches were fixed.

    •  18 Apr 2011 00:48

      Release Notes: This release features better graphical effects (particles for smoke, splash, and fire, as well as a weather effect), a new track, and two new karts. It displays Internet STK news, offers an improved UI (including live language switch), and karts are now invincible for a while after being hit. Many additional minor improvements have been added, and outstanding bugs fixed.

      •  21 Dec 2010 03:13

        Release Notes: This release is using irrlicht for graphics, and features animations for karts and tracks, a new GUI, many bugfixes, and new and improved tracks, karts, and items.


        Project Spotlight


        An OpenBSD flash read-only installer.


        Project Spotlight

        Alaya Webdav Server

        A simple WebDAV 1.0 server.