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  •  12 Feb 2014 22:36

    Release Notes: A relatively small update with some important bugfixes. Most notably, the use of PHP's anonymous functions has been removed to eliminate problematic memory leaks. A new feature enables users to display a picture on their pages.

    •  01 Nov 2013 22:35

    Release Notes: This is the first update and bugfix release for the SQLite branch of superseriousstats. The database layout has been simplified, and queries are changed to work correctly with the latest version of SQLite3. New features include extensive user rankings and indicators on the main page depicting changes in user ranks each month.

    •  01 Apr 2013 00:56

    Release Notes: This release makes use of SQLite instead of MySQL, which was the RDBMS of choice in prior versions. One minor requested feature was added: the ability to exclude nicks from the stats page.

    •  18 Feb 2013 04:26

      Release Notes: Notable changes are the addition of parser support for the HexChat, LimeChat, and Textual IRC clients. Parts of the code have been simplified, which led to several bugs being caught and fixed. Configuration should now be easier, and allows for better customization. The output pages have been changed to HTML5/CSS3.

      •  29 Sep 2012 23:21

      Release Notes: This release adds several new features, including projected line counts, milestones, and parser support for nodelog logs. The codebase has been slimmed down considerably, removing many unnecessary checks and catches dating back to old irrelevant ideology. Along with some bugfixes, this release brings better disk I/O and smaller database sizes.

      •  28 Mar 2012 00:45

        Release Notes: This release fixes several minor bugs and updates the documentation.

        •  19 Oct 2011 12:59

          Release Notes: This update addresses some bugs related to the nicklinker.

          •  24 Sep 2011 04:47

            Release Notes: This update removes many of the nested queries in the maintenance code, resulting in better performance. Automatic nick linking is now turned on by default and no longer requires user input.

            •  17 May 2011 20:42

            Release Notes: Over a hundred improvements to the code, including bugfixes and new features. Unicode support in 3.x was broken and is now fixed. More statistics and simpler configuration.

            •  28 Feb 2011 07:52

              Release Notes: This release includes support for Unicode, the ability to parse gzipped logfiles, a new configuration file, and many aesthetic changes.


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              Project Spotlight

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