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Super Grub Disk is a bootable floppy or CDROM that is oriented towards system rescue, specifically for repairing the booting process. Super Grub Disk is simply a Grub Disk with a lot of useful menus. It can activate partitions, boot partitions, boot MBRs, boot your former OS (Linux or another one) by loading menu.lst from your hard disk, automatically restore Grub on your MBR, swap hard disks in the BIOS, and boot from any available disk device. It has multi-language support, and allows you to change the keyboard layout of your shell.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

Happy April Fools Day SGD 0.9800 02 Apr 2012 14:17

SGD 0.9800 release was an Aprils Fools Day' joke. The disk (which it was actually a functional Super Grub2 Disk) made the user think that it was accepting to delete all the folders on their disks. Deleting (hd1,msdos1)/lost+found ... Deleting (hd1,msdos1)/lost+found ...... Deleting (hd1,msdos1)/lost+found ......... Deleting (hd1,msdos1)/lost+found ......... Completed! Deleting (hd1,msdos1)/var ... Deleting (hd1,msdos1)/var ...... Deleting (hd1,msdos1)/var ......... Deleting (hd1,msdos1)/var ......... Completed! As I explain in Super Grub Disk is no longer developed and you should think on switching to Super Grub2 Disk or Rescatux. Super Grub Disk 0.9799 is the right release to choose if you want to test Super Grub Disk instead of Super Grub2 Disk. Well... Sorry if I made you suffer a bit with this joke ;).

Recent releases

  •  13 Oct 2009 19:57

    Release Notes: Now you can chainload other bootloaders like syslinux from logical partitions.

    •  02 Sep 2009 18:11

      Release Notes: An updated French translation. A select freeze bug has been fixed on floppies. This is the last SGD version based on Grub legacy. Future versions will be based on Grub2.

      •  25 May 2009 17:14

        Release Notes: This release has a full French translation update.

        •  14 May 2009 19:25

          Release Notes: This release adds Ext4 support and Ubuntu 9.04 support.

          •  14 Apr 2009 16:12

            Release Notes: This release fixes a Boot Linux Directly bug that did not let Linux systems with UUID support in thekernel boot properly. A new command uuid (although it is a fake one) lets you Boot Linux Indirectly your systems without problems.


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