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JumpBox for the SugarCRM CRM System

JumpBox for the SugarCRM CRM System is a self-contained virtualized instance of SugarCRM, a market-leading customer relationship management (CRM) application. SugarCRM’s open source architecture easily adapts to any business environment by offering a more flexible, cost-effective alternative than proprietary applications. The JumpBox requires minimal technical knowledge to get it installed and the built-in Web administration console and backup system allow you to feel comfortable that it’s going to keep running.

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  •  19 Aug 2009 07:25

    Release Notes: SugarCRM was upgraded to upstream version 4.5.1l. Restoring from 1.0RC1 and newer JumpBox backups should work. This is a security fix release.

    •  26 May 2009 18:57

      Release Notes: This is a maintainence upgrade. The included version of SugarCRM has not changed. A number of improvements have been made in the JumpBox administration portal. These include improvements to SSL mode and the backup system. Restoring from 1.0 and newer JumpBox backups should work.

      •  10 Jul 2008 15:15

      Release Notes: This JumpBox now runs on the production release of the 1.1 platform and includes all the enhancements listed in this post: Most notably, this includes built-in automated backups to Amazon S3, integrated Web stats for the application, addition of a GUI-based SSL cert configuration tool, a GUI-based method for configuring an email relay, and an update of the underlying OS to Ubuntu Base 8.04 LTS.

      •  23 May 2008 20:14

      Release Notes: SugarCRM has been upgraded to upstream version 4.5.1h. Restoring from 1.0RC1 and newer JumpBox backups should work.

      •  05 Oct 2007 16:15

      Release Notes: Changes to the JumpBox Navigation Bar URLs to make putting the JumpBox behind a Web proxy easier.


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