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13 Aug 2007 06:38 superhero776

I like sugar!
But vtiger isnt bad too!

28 Jan 2006 04:47 honewatson

I just installed this a couple of days ago!
A lot of great new modules like the project manager compared to a couple of years back.

Quite slow loading though with the code heavy graphical interface.

The install can be a bit of a pain if its on a remote server. You need an ftp client which allows you to chmod recursively or shell access because theres so many folders and files you need to change to 777.

Don't know about the out of the box security (I'm certainly no expert on that though)

11 May 2005 21:36 jjzeidner

OSI certification
SugarCRM uses a Mozilla DERIVATIVE license. It is not approved by the OSI. Please change this information.

05 Aug 2004 14:13 DataDivine

Nice Graphics and template themes. Sweet dasboard feature. Still in Beta, competes with XRMS. Better graphical interface. Demo is solid. Lots of potential here but integration with outlook not available until fall/winter. One to watch. Based in Cupertino/San Jose California, company looking for developers, modular development methodology with clear realistic development roadmap for 2004 and 2005.


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