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Sudokut is a command line solver for Sudoku puzzles. When supplied with a Sudoku string or file, it returns all possible solutions. It takes approximately half a second to solve a medium force Sudoku by using an efficient algorithm that is guaranteed to find all the solutions. It accepts many options that implement various features (validity check, diff, suggestions, and probing).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Aug 2007 14:28

    Release Notes: This version adds the following features: naked quadruplets reduction, hidden quadruplets reduction, swordfish reduction, the -e option to put in explanatory mode, the -i option to ignore some solving techniques, the -l option to rate the level of difficulty, support for pipes (by reading from standard input), and improved readability of messages.

    •  15 Sep 2006 17:33

      Release Notes: New solving techniques are supported: naked triplets reduction and hidden triplets reduction. There is a -u option to test the unicity of the solution, and an -m option to modify the string.

      •  17 Dec 2005 05:10

        Release Notes: This version added a -s option that provides suggestions about the next step, a -p option that probes the Sudoku using a particular technique, a -o option that obtains only the first solution in the case of a multiple solutions puzzle, and a -n option that disables backtracking. More solving techniques are supported, including block to row/col reduction, block to block reduction, naked pairs reduction, hidden pairs reduction, and x-wing reduction.


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