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15 Dec 2013 22:13 svedrenne

If you need support, my address is sylvain at jankenpoi dot net

15 Dec 2013 22:12 svedrenne

If you experience issues trying to view with the Tamil translations, it's probably because Tamil is not supported "out-of-the-box" by Java JRE/JDK. So please try the following two-steps procedure:

1) find a suitable Tamil True-Type fonts, for example:

2) create a directory named "fallback" in the "fonts" directory of your JRE (or JDK), and copy the Tamil (.ttf) file into it:
For example:

Check the paragraph that's mentioning "the JRE's lib/fonts/fallback directory" -- the paragraph title is "How do I add a physical font to the mapping of a logical font?".

If you still have problems for viewing the Tamil translations, please let me know.
My address is sylvain<at>jankenpoi<dot>net

05 May 2013 14:47 svedrenne

ArchLinux package for Sudokuki 1.2 is available

Thanks to djgera, josephgbr, etc.

13 May 2012 22:17 svedrenne

ArchLinux package for Sudokuki 1.1.4

I'm glad to see that Sudokuki has a new maintainer ('m12e') at ArchLinux.
Sudokuki had first been included in ArchLinux in March 2009, and then orphaned for a few month. Sudokuki is back since May 2012, thanks to m12e from ArchLinux!

20 Mar 2012 22:44 svedrenne

Just posted new packages for release 1.1.2 in order to include a correct COPYING file.

This replacement/update of release 1.1.2 packages fixes bug item '#3509367 COPYING file and release packages' which was reported by the Free Software Directory organisation.

18 Sep 2011 21:17 svedrenne

Sudokuki is now available in Chinese, since alpha version 1.0.A40.

02 Aug 2011 23:14 svedrenne

There was a remaining problem on 64 bit machines with the "Print four grids" feature. This issue is fixed in version 1.0.A35 (already available).

25 Jul 2011 23:24 svedrenne

The new release 1.0.A34 should work out-of-the box for os2pat and other users with 64 bits processors. Comments are welcome.

15 Jul 2011 21:56 svedrenne

$ export
$ export JDK=path_to_the_JDK_root_directory (do omit 'bin')
$ export CFLAGS="-Wall -I$JDK/include -Isuexg"
$ gcc $CFLAGS -c classes/net/jankenpoi/sudokuki/suexg/suexg_proxy.c suexg/gene_suexg_v12.c && gcc -shared -o ../$SUEXG_PROXY_LIB suexg_proxy.o gene_suexg_v12.o

On my machine, I replaced "path_to_the_JDK_root_directory" by "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/" and the last command produced just a warning:
classes/net/jankenpoi/sudokuki/suexg/suexg_proxy.c: In function ‘Java_net_jankenpoi_sudokuki_suexg_SuexgProxy_generateSuexgGrid’:
classes/net/jankenpoi/sudokuki/suexg/suexg_proxy.c:39: warning: unused variable ‘i’

and last but not least, the library (in the upper directory "..") for my machine which is Intel 32 bits...

Who will do this for me (us) on his 64 bits machine? Please!...

15 Jul 2011 21:45 svedrenne

Hi os2pat,
I wanted to cross-compile the lib for you, but I can't make it with the installation of a proper cross-compiler at the moment and I'm running out of time.
Any chance you install a JDK and try again?... Should work!
If you do it, I'll send you a box of chocolates ;-)
Anyway, thanks for your posts so far.


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