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Sudognu is a command line sudoku solver and creator. It can display the logical steps it uses to find the solution. Sudognu can print four sudokus to a PDF page, and it comes with example CGI scripts for integration into Web sites.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Mar 2009 20:43

    Release Notes: This release features built-in PDF support. A new solving technique (two-color) has been added. If you are updating from a previous release, note the change in command line syntax for specification of output file names and update your CGI scripts.

    •  06 Apr 2008 21:38

      Release Notes: Two new solution techniques, "xy-wing" and "xyz-wing", have been implemented. An efficient algorithm for canonizing sudokus is now available, which is useful for archiving sudokus and checking uniqueness. Finally, a user contributed Perl CGI script has been added.

      •  22 Sep 2007 21:16

        Release Notes: Apart from code cleanup and bug fixing, this release features an additional elimination technique (line-block interaction) and an improved algorithm for evaluating sudoku difficulty. SVG output has been added. PDF output is now optional, so libharu is no longer required to compile sudognu.

        •  25 Aug 2007 23:13

          Release Notes: This release adds a -S option for creating sudokus with a symmetric distribution of givens.

          •  18 Jun 2007 17:37

            Release Notes: This release applies the forcing chain after X-wing, swordfish, and jellyfish, improves the documentation, adds a -P option for reordering solution techniques, facilitates browsing of sudoku solutions, and adds minor bugfixes.


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