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  •  25 Feb 2012 01:19

    Release Notes: This release fixes minor inconsistencies in the values returned on empty functions. Sux4J can now be found on Maven Central.

    •  14 Sep 2011 21:50

      Release Notes: This is part of a parallel release of fastutil, the DSI Utilities, Sux4J, MG4J, WebGraph, etc. that prepare the way for "big" versions, that is, supporting >2^31 entries in arrays (simulated), elements in lists, terms, documents, nodes, etc. Some bugfixes, significant improvements in space usage during function construction, and moreover now all structures support big collections.

      •  26 Nov 2010 11:54

        Release Notes: Several fixes were made to rank/select classes. The chunked hash store used to compute succinct functions and minimal perfect hash functions is now much faster.

        •  06 Apr 2009 21:09

          Release Notes: A whole new set of compressed high-performance data structures has been added to Sux4J.

          •  13 Apr 2008 17:24

          Release Notes: This release provides a new monotone minimal perfect hash function that uses log log l bits per string, where l is the string length in bits.

          •  06 Apr 2008 16:46

          Release Notes: This version presents a large number of new succinct data structures, including monotone minimal perfect hashing, variable-length bit arrays and pointers, and more. The C++ code has been partially updated to reflect a new naming scheme and some optimisations.

          •  21 Feb 2008 07:23

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


          Project Spotlight


          AIX/iSeries free performance monitoring and capacity planning.


          Project Spotlight


          A program to create bitmaps from simple ASCII diagrams.