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  •  22 May 2004 12:18

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release that fixes a few problems. "svn up" can now delete unversioned data on Win32 filesystems. Memory leaks in "svnlook diff/changed/dirs-changed" were plugged. An insecure script example in the pre-commit-hook template was fixed. The inability to do a checkout to "/" was fixed.

  •  19 May 2004 05:22

Release Notes: Subversion versions up to and including 1.0.2 have a buffer overflow in the date parsing code. Both client and server are vulnerable. The server is vulnerable over both httpd/DAV and svnserve (that is, over http://, https://, svn://, svn+ssh:// and other tunneled svn+*:// methods). Additionally, clients with shared working copies or permissions that allow files in the administrative area of the working copy to be written by other users are potentially exploitable. This version fixes this.

  •  19 Apr 2004 13:45

Release Notes: Fixes for the following bugs: a segfault when remotely deleting svn:author property, mod_dav_svn accepting too many authors, create runtime config files with native EOLs, recursive propset can corrupt .svn/entries, allow shared working copies [mostly working now], mod_authz_svn should ignore the URI on a MERGE request, svnserve assertion failure on empty error messages, commit/update memory leaks when working on many targets, and not displaying repos-paths or URLs with '\' on Win32.

  •  12 Mar 2004 14:12

Release Notes: Fixes for ~25 small bugs discovered during the six-week code freeze for 1.0.0.

  •  23 Feb 2004 10:12

Release Notes: This is the first stable release of Subversion. The code is almost the same as 0.37.0.

  •  28 Jan 2004 14:19

Release Notes: 0.37.0 is now Release Candidate 1 for Subversion 1.0.

  •  24 Jan 2004 16:38

Release Notes: This release focuses on stabilizing and bugfixes.

  •  13 Jan 2004 13:30

Release Notes: Bugfixes, stabilization, and a lot of documentation upgrades.

Release Notes: Subversion is now in the Beta stage of development.

  •  08 Oct 2003 21:49

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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