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Release Notes: This release has enhancements to 'diff' and 'rm', better handling of 'switched' working copies, a new 'info' command, a versioned executable flag, repository dumping, and an option for XML formatted logs. There are also numerous bugfixes and minor enhancements.

Release Notes: Completion of the 'svn merge' command, new proxy support, addition of conflict markers to merged/conflicted files, unified $EDITOR handling, and multiple bugfixes, internal changes, and minor enhancements.

Release Notes: Subversion now includes newline conversion and keyword expansion, and supports delivering diffs from the server to the client. Numerous minor features, bug fixes, enhancements, and code reorganizations were also implemented.

Release Notes: The copy, move, mkdir, and delete features were added.


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A Web resource optimizer for Java.


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A package manager plugin for Rodent Filemanager.