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SubEthaSMTP is an easy to understand Java library that provides a receptive SMTP server component. By plugging this component into your Java application, you can easily receive SMTP mail using a simple abstract Java interface. Also included is a small sub-project called Wiser, an easy to use incoming mail testing framework.

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Recent releases

  •  01 Mar 2011 03:16

    Release Notes: PlainAuthenticationHandlerFactory now accepts non-null authorization identities. The addition of Received headers is now configurable. The client now times out if the server does not respond. Wiser.messages is now protected so that subclasses can override it.

    •  26 Oct 2009 16:19

      Release Notes: Much better TLS support. Support for the SIZE extension. Helo information is now available in MessageContext. A casing bug when running in the Turkish locale has been fixed. Better logging for muli-threaded environments. An issue with month formatting in SMTP exchange. This release hides dropped connection exceptions from logs. SMTPClient can now set the bind address, and has more logging.

      •  04 Jun 2009 18:54

        Release Notes: This release adds Received: headers to the data stream. It adds a done() method to MessageHandler. AuthenticationHandler now provides the authenticated identity. Some simple client tools have been added. Everything in the SMTP server.I/O package has been moved to just A slight variation on the message listener adapter has been added. It now consumes any leftover data that the handler did not eat rather than throwing exception. The jar file name now includes the version number. The distribution now includes wiki docs.

        •  04 Jun 2009 18:53

          Release Notes: 3.0 is a thorough refactoring based on the 1.2.1 codebase. It removes MINA and NIO, returning to blocking I/O. It has a redesigned Authentication API. The MessageListener API has been moved into a helper package. Timeouts are now controlled by sockets rather than a watchdog thread. MessageHandlers are no longer recycled. Better handling of idle connections. Countless other changes. The project has been moved from to

          •  11 Jul 2008 23:29

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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