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Styler Ant Task

The Styler Ant Task makes useful combinations of XSLT and other transformations easy to specify in an Ant build file. Styler can handle multiple transformations, in parallel or pipelined, split or merge files, process non-XML files such as HTML (based on JTidy), apply non-XSLT transformation, such as "regular fragmentations" and use any custom XMLReader or XMLFilter class to handle new file formats and transformation techniques.


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  •  12 Jan 2002 03:44

Release Notes: Styler has now added plain text output types, changed the HTML output type to generate HTML4, and introduced a separate XHTML output type.

  •  14 Nov 2001 20:21

Release Notes: This release adds a plain text output filter which is used by default for file types SQL, txt, and text.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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