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The StreamModule System

The StreamModule system is a result of several different ideas about how distributed (especially widely distributed) systems should function. Instead of attempt ing to hide asynchronous behavior behind a synchronous facade, it attempts to make it easier to write programs that deal with asynchronous behavior. It achieves this using event-driven programming combined with a pipeline-like architecture.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Jan 2003 22:10

    Release Notes: There new classes for parsing XML, and a bunch of unit tests. The classes for parsing XML aren't yet well integrated into StreamModule as a whole. They will be, and the interfaces to the currently existing classes shouldn't change all that much. The unit tests are not yet integrated into the build, so they have to be rather cryptically compiled by hand, without the aid of a makefile.

    •  11 Sep 2002 14:08

      Release Notes: The interfaces have all changed and code needs to be updated. The changes are minor ones, but they still require a lot of code to be updated. The LCore and EHnet++ classes have been moved into their own namespaces. Some minor code cleanups were made. Some previously missing class documentation was added. This version is only guaranteed to work with gcc 3.2.

      •  27 Mar 2002 18:14

        Release Notes: A partial conversion to use namespaces, chucking the UNIXpollManager and UNIXpollManagerImp in favor of UnixEventRegistry and UnixEventPoll (which unify signal handling and file descriptor event handling), removal of UNIXSignalHandler and UnixTimer because UnixEventPoll handles their functions, and use of a poll timeout-based timer and implementation of the Timer interface in UnixEventPoll (this change will cause you to have to update a lot of code).


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