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Daily Strip Manager

Daily Strip Manager is an alternative UI for browsing comic strips downloaded using Dailystrips. It offers several feature additions to the default static HTML pages Dailystrips normally generates. These features include calendar, sorting, zooming to a specific entry, better handling of duplicate strips, and keyboard navigation.


RSS Recent releases

  •  24 Jun 2010 14:14

    Release Notes: This release adds the ability to hide individual strips from the frontpage and fixes a variety of bugs.

    •  19 Aug 2006 12:16

    Release Notes: This release adds minor interface improvements.

    •  20 Mar 2006 03:40

    Release Notes: This release improves calendar view mode.

    •  21 Nov 2005 06:59

    Release Notes: This release fixes a race condition in XmlHttpRequest object handling.

    •  21 Aug 2005 04:43

    Release Notes: RSS feeds were added for Atom-impaired users. Various feed-related bugs were fixed.


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