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Strigi is a desktop and indexer independent desktop search engine. Its main features include very fast crawling, a very small memory footprint, no hammering of the system, and pluggable backends (currently clucene and hyperestraier was provided). Communication between the daemon and search program is done over an abstract interface which is desktop independent. A small Perl program with an example of how to query the database is included along with an example KDE client application and a KIO interface.

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  •  05 May 2007 15:39

Release Notes: This release has a cleaned up API, a new analyzer model that make it easier to write plugins for text, XML, and binary files, multithreading support for indexing, inheritance in the field properties, better documentation, and native support for Microsoft office and PDF documents. Several dependencies were removed.

  •  13 Jul 2006 00:44

Release Notes: This release uses CMake as the build system and indexes xattr fields. The KDE client offers a new HTML GUI via the KIO, and more information in the Kicker applet.


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