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strftime for JavaScript

strftime-js is a library function that provides an easy way to format dates and times for various display needs in JavaScript code. Developers who frequently need to format dates in JavaScript in a variety of ways will find the most use for this library. It is especially useful in providing common code constructs across backend PHP and frontend JavaScript. strftime-js also provides an easy way to add support for new locales.

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  •  18 Jun 2008 10:53

Release Notes: A padding issue with negative timezone offsets in %r was fixed. Support for %P was added. %r, %p, %and %P were internationalized.

  •  27 Apr 2008 23:25

Release Notes: All of PHP's strftime format specifiers are now supported, including all locale specific specifiers. There is now a fast and easy way to extend locale support. The localization section of the documentation has also been updated with more examples.


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