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13 Apr 2013 02:36 Romster

I'm sorry i have to down vote this, it's a great idea, but this more often than not fails to parse correctly. And looks to be dead last release 2010, any alternatives?

22 Feb 2009 01:12 himesjl

Streamtuner2 launch error
I installed the first version when it came out. It launched, and loaded stations, and streamed radio. I shut down the application, and have not since been able to get it to launch. There is an immediate crash.

I get this error message at the terminal:

"Traceback (most recent call last):

File "./", line 1366, in <module>

st2 = main = StreamTunerTwo()

File "./", line 154, in __init__

"shoutcast": shoutcast(parent=self),

File "./", line 381, in __init__


File "./", line 389, in cache

cache = conf.get("cache/" + self.module)

File "./", line 957, in get

return json.load(open(file, "r"))

File "./", line 1315, in load

return eval(<<24)) # max 16 MB

File "<string>", line 17203

'bitrate': 0, 'playing': "Symphony No. 6 in F Major 'Pastoral',


SyntaxError: EOL while scanning single-quoted string"

I installed v.1.9.7 today, and get the same message.



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