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streamtuner2 is an Internet radio browser. It lists directory services like shoutcast and icecast/ in a GTK+ window. It mimics the older streamtuner, but is an independent rewrite and aims for more features.

Recent releases

  •  28 May 2014 17:06

    Release Notes: YouTube and SurfMusik channels were added, MODarchive included, but Google/DMOZ removed. The Jamendo API now allows browsing genres and shows cover images. Internet-Radio extraction was fixed, and a custom caching API introduced for Xiph/ICEcast. The configuration dialog visualizes plugins and options more coherently now. A new logo was introduced, and many bugfixes applied.

    •  28 Apr 2014 02:25

      Release Notes: Python2 and Python3 are now supported in parallel. Support for Gtk3 bindings in addition to Gtk2 has been implemented. Shoutcast, DMOZ, Jamendo, and Xiph channel parsing has been updated. The requests library is now used in place of urllib2. Various UI fixes and manual updates have been applied. This should still be considered a development release.

      •  04 Jan 2014 22:59

        Release Notes: Various patches were contributed and applied. Initialization code, shoutcast, and live365 parsing are working again. Minor feature and UI changes were made after switching to GtkBuilder.

        •  03 Sep 2010 19:15

          Release Notes: This release brings minor bugfixes. The pyQuery parsing mode of Shoutcast has been adapted to its latest changes. The double escaping for %pls audio player parameters has been corrected. Interpolating of meta %fields is now possible for use with external recording wrapper scripts. A new plugin for MP3 file browsing is now available, though tag editing is unfinished and it's a separate download.

          •  11 Aug 2010 23:28

            Release Notes: A bug in the Xiph channel which led to crashes was fixed. Additional silencing code for plugins should prevent any other application start failures. JSON cache files are now stored compressed and the main module initialization code was simplified. The global_key function now accepts multiple key names and updates the visual selection. A new plugin for was added, shoutcast is now a real plugin, and double clicking tabs finally leads to the service home page.

            Recent comments

            13 Apr 2013 02:36 Romster

            I'm sorry i have to down vote this, it's a great idea, but this more often than not fails to parse correctly. And looks to be dead last release 2010, any alternatives?

            22 Feb 2009 01:12 himesjl

            Streamtuner2 launch error
            I installed the first version when it came out. It launched, and loaded stations, and streamed radio. I shut down the application, and have not since been able to get it to launch. There is an immediate crash.

            I get this error message at the terminal:

            "Traceback (most recent call last):

            File "./", line 1366, in <module>

            st2 = main = StreamTunerTwo()

            File "./", line 154, in __init__

            "shoutcast": shoutcast(parent=self),

            File "./", line 381, in __init__


            File "./", line 389, in cache

            cache = conf.get("cache/" + self.module)

            File "./", line 957, in get

            return json.load(open(file, "r"))

            File "./", line 1315, in load

            return eval(<<24)) # max 16 MB

            File "<string>", line 17203

            'bitrate': 0, 'playing': "Symphony No. 6 in F Major 'Pastoral',


            SyntaxError: EOL while scanning single-quoted string"

            I installed v.1.9.7 today, and get the same message.



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