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Streamline is a pipelined I/O subsystem for both kernel and application processing on Linux, with 40+ filters for pattern matching, stream reassembly, compression, etc. It exports the pipes, sockets, and pcap interfaces and uses shared memory to reduce I/O copy and context switch cost. Logical uses are rapid application development of intrusion detection systems and similar complex network processing tasks.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Jan 2011 21:42

    Release Notes: This update adds a fully configured VMWare virtual machine image that includes the latest streamline sources (SVN-730) and a thoroughly tested Linux kernel version ( Installing streamline can be complex; this release makes it easy to take the system for a test drive. The virtual machine contains a complete Ubuntu 9.04 server installation, generating a 1.1GB download. The image decompresses to 4GB.

    •  29 Aug 2010 22:37

      Release Notes: This is primarily a maintenance update, comprising tens of bugfixes and usability updates. New major features include filter access control to allow unprivileged users to safely run fast I/O code in the kernel (think BPF) and an optimizer that uses linear programming to map I/O tasks onto hardware. Read the README for important notes on system support (at least up to Ubuntu 10.04 and Linux kernel 2.6.31) and known issues.

      •  12 Feb 2009 01:33

        Release Notes: All the examples on the Web site have been verified to work (which required fixing some regression bugs).

        •  02 Feb 2009 10:22

          Release Notes: This version updates the stream language to be a superset of Unix shell pipelines and improves support for hybrid pipelines consisting of streamline filters (e.g., in the network stack) and full Unix processes. Because of the extensive interface changes, this version is less mature than and has little documentation (other than the mailing list).

          •  15 Oct 2008 17:43

            Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release for PipesFS, which proved to have many (even shameful) bugs in its first release. All known issues but one have been resolved. Unrelated new features include the mpipe() call for multi-consumer pipes, an interface to directly manipulate active filters, and an expanded automated test set to minimize future regressions.


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