Version 0.4 of Straw

Release Notes: There are some new user-visible features to navigate through the items, and lots of internal changes probably accompanied by new, exciting bugs.

Other releases

  •  06 Mar 2006 00:10

Release Notes: This release should clean up a lot of old bugs and start lots of new features. At least Python 2.4 and PyGTK 2.4 are required. Feed content is automatically loaded on feed selection. DBus support for subscribing to a feed was added. The find dialog is more usable. Clipboard copy and text magnification were added in the content view. FeedParser 4.1 is supported. Feed sorting can be done in the feed list view. All feeds can be marked as read. Bugfixes and cleanups were done.

  •  15 Jul 2004 13:02

Release Notes: 0.25.1 fixes a regression in 0.25 that prevented it from working without ADNS being installed.

  •  15 Jul 2004 04:13

Release Notes: This release improves performance, updates some translations, and fixes some locale-related problems.

  •  07 Jul 2004 04:30

    Release Notes: This release allows you to subscribe categories to remote OPML files, adds a notification area applet, and streamlines the subscription process. It should also cause fewer problems with locales and encodings. There are also the usual smaller bugfixes and UI tweaks.

    •  27 Apr 2004 13:37

    Release Notes: This revision includes per-feed settings for the number of stored articles and refresh frequency. There are also some nice UI improvements and bugfixes.


    Project Spotlight

    Task Coach

    A friendly task manager.


    Project Spotlight

    JDAL (Java Database Application Library)

    A Java Database Application Library.