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OSSP str is a generic string handling library written in ISO-C which provides functions for handling, matching, parsing, searching, and formatting of ISO-C strings. It can be considered as a superset of POSIX string(3), but its main intention is to provide a more convinient and compact API and a more generalized functionality.


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  •  12 Oct 2005 07:25

Release Notes: str_parse(3) was fixed so that the va_list argument is no longer incorrectly used twice for processing the arguments, which led to segmentation faults.

  •  03 Oct 2005 11:08

Release Notes: Security fixes have been applied to PCRE functions (CAN-2005-2491). isnan(3) & isinf(3) related compile-time warnings have been fixed. The build environment has been upgraded to GNU libtool 1.5.20 and GNU shtool 2.0.3. A bogus $(S) has been removed from

  •  24 Jan 2005 14:39

Release Notes: The build environment has been upgraded to GNU autoconf 2.59, GNU libtool 1.5.10, and GNU shtool 2.0.1. Autoconf detection has been added for "va_copy()" existence and its possible fallbacks.

  •  17 Feb 2003 13:13

Release Notes: Memory leaks and incorrect iteration in the test suite have been fixed. Upgraded to GNU autoconf 2.57, GNU libtool 1.4.3, and the GNU shtool 1.6.2 build environment.

  •  01 Apr 2002 09:04

Release Notes: This release uses OSSP ts (Test Suite) sub-library for "make check", upgrades to the GNU autoconf 2.53, GNU libtool 1.4.2, and GNU shtool 1.6.0 build environment, fixes str_concat so that it no longer includes the terminating NUL in copy and adds a useless NULL, and upgrades to PCRE 3.9.

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31 May 2003 14:16 nevyn Thumbs down

Better string libraries for C programers

This string library doesn't provide a safe string ADT, and the printf() implmentation is broken. I'd recommend at least looking at your other options at this comparison page (


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