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13 Oct 2009 19:21 dmurphca

Can anyone give me an approximate expected time to backup a ~40 GB opensuse box?

I just installed storeBackup and created a configuration file mirroring closely the "backup entire linux installation" section in the manual.

I was able to successfully backup small test directory structures. When I try to run the entire machine backup it makes progress but then at a certain point (after say 20 minutes) the log file stops updating. It has now been running for about 21 hours, and I can't tell if it is stalled or just taking a long time. The last line in the log is:

PROGRESS 2009.10.12 18:26:09 8472 reading directories at depth 4

Any thoughts much appreciated,


19 Jul 2009 08:59 hjclaes

Please send an email describing your problem to me directly, so we can track it down.

24 May 2009 01:03 billmrn

I really like the idea of storebackup. It seems to provide almost all of the features I need in a backup program and I've looked at a lot of alternatives. However, I have a problem. I've backed up the home directory of one of my machines (call it machine A) onto a remote machine using latelinks and then have run on the remote machine. All of this seemed to work fine. Then I tried to backup another machine (machine B) which has significant numbers of files in common with machine A,again with the latelink option. That backup too seemed to have worked. But when I run with the interactive and autorepair options on B's backup directory (which I was forced to do because it would not run otherwise) I keep getting a message saying that it is "repeating consistency check" and an error saying "1 directory <name_of_backup_directory> has no linkFrom entry" followed by an autorepair. This process has been running for over a week now. The messages give me no indication that the program is not in a loop, since it does not show whether it is fixing different entries. How can I find out whether this process is ever going to finish?

04 Apr 2004 10:42 thecivvie

Not on SF
The latest version doesn't seem to be on any SF download server including osdn


25 Oct 2002 01:39 hjclaes

Re: Latest Release

> Can you upload the files to SF so I can
> try your software as thet currnet ones
> are 0 bytes long.

Sorry. I can and will do this in about 12 hours. The release software at sourceforge didn't work properly that day and I believed everything was okay when I saw the file name ...

20 Oct 2002 17:36 g1gsw

Latest Release
Can you upload the files to SF so I can try your software as thet currnet ones are 0 bytes long.


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