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Stoned is a simple but fully functional curling simulation. It features 3D graphics, network play, and funky sound.

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  •  15 Jan 2004 08:29

Release Notes: A big architecture rework was done. Sound was fixed. The game now works with newer Radeon drivers.

  •  08 Oct 2003 08:39

Release Notes: The menu should be visible for everybody now. libpng is no longer required. Music isn't played twice (at the same time) anymore. Large chunks of dead and buggy code have been removed.

Release Notes: Settings can be saved and will be loaded at next startup. The intro has been moved to before the menu.

Release Notes: A lot of internal bugfixes were made. Major performance enhancements were made. Eyecandy was added. A preliminary startup menu was added. A new audio backend (fmod) was added.

Release Notes: This is the first development release for Windows. Mixed Windows/Linux games should now work. Configuration and parameter handling was changed. Some internal handling was changed, fixing some bugs as a side effect.

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07 Feb 2011 15:24 theanti

Download links have been fixed.

16 Jul 2005 08:39 theanti

Trying to get a Mac port
I'm trying to start the development rolling again.

The code is a mess right now, due to two reasons:

1) Code is halfway ported to Mac OS

2) Udo left the development team (due to Mac port :( )

Giving Udo a Mac would probably solve the problem.

So that's what I'm trying to do:

26 Jun 2003 02:25 theanti

Changing webhost
We are moving the site from one host to another.
Until the switch has been completed you can access the up-to-date site at:

13 Apr 2002 23:16 theanti

Re: Not bad ...
[getting the code]

Maybe later, we are in the middle of a code cleanup to make the infrastructure usable for different kinds of games.

After that we might release the curling engine and/or the client.


Nobody of us ever pushed a real curling stone.
We started with a volleyball, moved to bowling, then I had the idea to use curling, since it's basically 2-dimensional.

But we'll include the knowledge we get from real life players if we can.

Shift-H is disabled in the version that's up on the side.

The competition entry (MekkaSymposium 2002) was limited to 32K, so we had to shave of a few bits ;)

SHIFT-N (for Next end) will accept an end.

We really hope to improve from this base.

But right now we're kind of busy with "work-that-pays-rent".

So don't hold your breath, this might take a month....

13 Apr 2002 19:50 tjwhaynes Thumbs up

Not bad ...
Any chance of seeing the source to this one? Or is it all in carefully crafted assembler?

This is a pretty nice game, although the rocks should really curl more when the spin is as small as possible - real curling rocks run fairly straight if you over-spin them.

Graphically its simple but quite effective. The controls take a little getting used to, but also work well. I can't work out how to get the Help to work (shift+H is unresponsive) and so 'accepting an end' is proving a puzzle.

Good stuff. I look forward to new versions (and the source! :-) )


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