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Stellarium renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time with OpenGL. It displays stars, constellations, planets, nebulas and others things like ground, landscape, fog, etc.

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  •  02 Jul 2011 20:51

    Release Notes: This version takes into account the refraction of the atmosphere in the visualization of the sky. The search tool was redesigned. The oculars plugin was rewritten and expanded. A new plugin was added for historical supernovae. Lots of bugs were fixed.

    •  08 Jun 2010 12:47

    Release Notes: This is an important bug fix release closing more than 30 bugs in the main application and in the plugins. It also brings small GUI usability improvements, as well as a much reduced starting time.

    •  11 Mar 2009 10:43

    Release Notes: This version is based on the recent release of Qt 4.5, which should fix startup problems which some users experienced with version 0.10.1. This change should also solve some Mac rendering bugs and speed up the GUI elements of the program. A new projection mode is now available, called "Hammer-Aitoff", which allows for very wide fields of view (up to 360 degrees). This release also includes many bugfixes and some general performance tweaks.

    •  06 Feb 2009 14:50

    Release Notes: This is the first stable version featuring the new Graphical User Interface. It contains all features introduced in 0.10.0 beta (with many fewer bugs!) as well as a new script engine.

    Release Notes: This major release is the result of 8 months of efforts totaling almost 1000 commits. The most important changes are the redesigned GUI, an important performance and memory usage improvement, faster start-up, and new features such as dynamic eye adaptation to bright objects, improved rendering, light pollution simulation, and an improved location selector. The text user interface and the script engine will be re-added in a later release.

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    10 Feb 2009 23:21 dietcoke_48 Thumbs up

    I am updating the OLD review here: I have been using Stellarium-0.8.2 for awhile now, and I like it.

    The 'display" is like a planetarium type program - So, real like skies, with fading to the ground (in daylight) NOTHING, like any other planetarium program, I've seen under --- WINDOWS or LINUX.

    This is user friendly .. easy to learn program, too.

    Stellarium-0.10.1 - your O/S (under linux), needs to be current (new libraries, etc) (Feb 2009) installed, first. check dependencies.

    -or- get a copy of an older version... but, so many fixes you really need to get Stellarium-0.10.x and newer. (NO, I do not work as a developer for Stellarium)

    I like this, better than XEphem in some ways. Xephem makes sky charts, and more. Another worth while program.

    If you havent tried Stellarium, I highly recommend you should.

    To the developers - GREAT JOB ! Thank you for your hard work and time spent.

    To the rest of you folks, ENJOY

    Have fun!

    03 Apr 2004 03:16 gnorville

    I just started messing around with this today and I must say

    that I like it :) I'm still trying to figure out how time works in

    the program but I've only used the program for an hour or

    so. Renderings are really pretty and I enjoy slewing the

    viewpoint around. I especially like the zoom feature

    18 Jul 2002 07:34 Alioth

    Unix Version update!
    The unix version is now the same as the windows one, and there is an autoconf/automake script for the installation which has become easier.

    16 Jul 2002 13:30 greenmoss

    interesting project
    might be even cooler if it were combined with celestia...

    05 Feb 2002 14:00 midthune

    Very impressive and lots of fun to play with!


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