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  •  20 Aug 2010 16:40

    Release Notes: This release includes major improvements to joystick analog axis handling, and many debugger/disassembler and emulation fixes.

    •  22 Apr 2010 21:54

      Release Notes: This release fixes lockups and crashes when switching video modes. It integrates the Distella disassembler and adds 'adaptive' disassembly. It adds complete debugger support for all remaining bankswitch schemes. TIA object collisions can now be disabled independent of disabling the object itself. 'Sega Genesis' controller emulation has been added, and there are many improvements to the debugger prompt.

      •  11 Sep 2009 23:13

        Release Notes: This release adds major improvements to the TIA emulation, and has some nice new debugger features.

        •  13 Jul 2009 20:40

          Release Notes: This release adds source and binary RPMs for Mandriva 2009 (it may also work on other RPM-based distributions).

          •  04 Jul 2009 19:13

            Release Notes: This release fixed a potential lockup after about 71 minutes of usage. Bankswitch autodetection for 0840 and UA carts was also improved.

            •  26 Jun 2009 14:30

              Release Notes: This releases fixes an immediate program crash when using OpenGL rendering with library versions less than 2.0.

              •  23 Jun 2009 13:02

                Release Notes: A fix was added for OpenGL autodetection for GLSL functionality. The "\" character can now be entered in UI text fields, and it is properly loaded and saved in configuration files.

                •  21 Jun 2009 08:23

                  Release Notes: Bankswitching support was added for 4in1, 8in1, 32in1, and Sub2K ROMs. Automatic fallback to software rendering if OpenGL mode fails was added. A bug in GL version detection whereby TV effects were disabled when they shouldn't have been was fixed. The location of configuration files for Windows users was moved to the APPDATA folder.

                  •  10 Jun 2009 13:25

                    Release Notes: CRT simulation effects were added using OpenGL 2.0 GLSL. Several improvements were added to the debugger, including editing of cartridge extended RAM. More accurate emulation was added for AR, 3F, 0840, SB, UA, and X07 bankswitched ROMs. The internal database was updated to RomHunter v/5.

                    •  01 May 2009 21:39

                      Release Notes: This release has bugfixes for CPU opcodes in 'decimal' mode, fixes for F4SC bankswitching not working consistently, and improved sound emulation for Pitfall 2.


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