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stegfs is a Fuse based file system which provides absolute security. Using encryption to secure files, and the art of steganography to hide them, stegfs aims to ensure that the existence of such files isn't guaranteed. Implemented as a Fuse based file system and using the mhash and mcrypt libraries to provide the cryptographic hash and symmetric block cipher functions, stegfs is at the cutting edge of secure file system technology.

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  •  06 Jan 2010 15:28

    Release Notes: This is the first release under the new name. The FUSE interface was completely rewritten, and a major overhaul of the stegfs backend was done. Mutexes have been added to limit access to a single thread at a time. Files are written when flush() is called; therefore you shouldb’t really call flush() multiple times on an open file or you might seriously screw things up. A proc style directory was added, which lists known files as symbolic links and lists all blocks currently known about and in use.


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