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StegFS is a steganographic file system for Linux. It offers security beyond that afforded by a regular cryptographic file system, since it not only encrypts data, but also provides a plausible deniability mechanism by securely hiding the data. It is designed to give the user a very high level of protection against being compelled to disclose its contents. StegFS extends the standard Linux file system (ext2fs), allowing normal and several levels of hidden files to coexist. This allows some data to remain hidden even if some of the keys are compromised.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Feb 2001 03:29

    Release Notes: This release can be compiled without recompiling the entire kernel. It adds AES/Rijndael support (and other AES finalists) and various small bugfixes.

    •  11 Jan 2001 00:13

      Release Notes: Various fixes for use with the 2.2.18 kernel.

      •  09 Jul 2000 22:55

        Release Notes: A fix for a bad 2.2.13-to-2.2.14 patch.

        •  21 Nov 1999 03:46

          Release Notes: Various bugfixes were made, mmap support was added and a more flexible security level design has been implemented. Can now be used with the International Kernel Patch.

          •  23 Sep 1999 10:44

            Release Notes: Initial release.

            Recent comments

            05 Apr 2002 14:30 abottoni

            Compilation keep failing...
            I Just installed an old Red Hat 6.2 (kernel 2.2.14) on my Linux Box and I tried to compile StegFS 1.14.

            No way: I just have got a new compilation error...

            Is there anybody out there who actually use StegFS on a Red Hat or Mandrake distribution and who can tell me how to get it working?

            Many thanks in advance.

            27 Mar 2002 03:48 abottoni

            Re: problems compiling
            I have a very similar problem.

            I'm tring to compile and install StegFS 1.1.4 both on my Mandrake 8.1 box and
            my Red hat 7.1 one. In both cases, my compilation process fails because of a
            wrong call to a set of macro (DQUOT_????_BLOCKS). I even tried to fix it,
            without results. I just produced a waterfall of other errors.

            I tried to download and install an older version (1.1.2 or 1.1.3) but older
            versions must be installed as kernel patch, while I want to use StegFS as an
            external kernel module.

            I tried to contact Andre McDonald without having a response. Most likely, he is
            working hard at the moment and cannot take care of this kind of problem.
            Frankly, I cannot blame him for this.

            I think the real problem with StegFS is the lack of a supporting community that
            can take care of these compilation/installation problems. It is quite evident
            that a single person (Andrew McDonald) cannot follow a large base of users.

            I hope the interest on StegFS will grow enough in the future to give
            raise to a mailing list and a community. In this case, feel free to contact me
            for a contribution (manual labor, beer, whatever...).

            12 Dec 2001 05:28 echomrg

            problems compiling
            I've been trying to compile and install the stegfs 1.1.4 patch (built-in with the kernel) on a 2.2.20 kernel on a slackware distribution but I encountered some problems, the compiling aborts with this error:

            fs/filesystems.a(stegfs.o): In function `rc6_set_key':
            stegfs.o(.text+0x186d8): undefined reference to `malloc'
            make: *** [vmlinux] Error 1

            I took the rc6.c file from the 1.1.3 release (the makefile asked for it) and i don't have the crypto patch installed.

            I tried to find some information on the web but the only things i'm able to find are link to the download site.

            Does anybody have any idea on how to patch the problem?

            Thanks in advance for your help!


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