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stdnet2 aims to simplify networking and multithreaded application development in C++. It has a Java-like class hierarchy supporting single inheritance from an Object, abstract classes, reference counting with automatically destroyed objects.

Operating Systems

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Release Notes: Added a FilterInputStream and a BufferedInputStream. References now support the != operator. Other minor cleanups were made.

  •  03 Aug 2002 14:07

Release Notes: Compile support for Windows (MSVC 6) and Linux (GCC 2.96), a new "null" global reference for invalidating and initialising references so you can do "if (my_ref == null) ...", and a new ref_cast<> template function for converting one reference type into another, similar to dynamic_cast<>.

Release Notes: This is a drastic rewrite of the stdnet project. This new class library provides for better portability and OO development. In particular, its development style is more consistent with features of the Java language.


Project Spotlight


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Project Spotlight


A cluster operating system.