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State Threads

The State Threads is a small application library which provides a foundation for writing fast and highly scalable Internet applications (such as Web servers, proxy servers, mail transfer agents, etc.) on UNIX-like platforms. It offers a threading API for structuring a network application as an event-driven state machine.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Dec 2008 21:08

    Release Notes: This release adds support for kqueue and epoll on platforms that support them, and the ability to choose the event notification system at program startup. It also adds the functions st_writev_resid(), st_readv_resid(), and st_readv(). It incorporates public definitions of ST_UTIME_NO_TIMEOUT and ST_UTIME_NO_WAIT. The documentation has been fixed.

    •  31 Dec 2002 22:03

      Release Notes: This release supports many more platforms, tightens up the API, and offers an extensions directory for contributed support functions. See the included README file for details.

      •  26 Oct 2002 23:52

        Release Notes: This release has contributed support for HPPA, S390, and Cygwin and documentation clarifications and enhancements.

        •  22 Jan 2002 20:00

          Release Notes: This release has performance optimizations, debugger support, a modernized build process including .rpm and .deb support, improved error recovery, and enhanced documentation.

          •  25 Jun 2001 01:03

            Release Notes: Addition of contributed patches, etc.

            Recent comments

            14 Apr 2001 01:12 ohhhwhocares

            This is a very interesting library, check it out! Scales well on SMP machines because it's multi-process, uses very little resources because it's threaded.


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